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Panch Kedar


Are you looking for a spiritual retreat in awesome Himalayan ranges with least distraction/disturbance of mundane world?

Panch Badri

Apart from Ganga & Yamuna, spirituality and meditation are irrevocably linked with Devbhoomi since time immemorial. The place is also gifted with home to one of the 108 temples of Lord Vishnu, where his four-handed feature with look of different names gives special status to Uttarakhand.




We are a professionally managed, Delhi-based company specializing in all kinds of outdoor/adventure activities that may be expected on weekend excursions and expeditions.

Our team comprises some of the best field/trek leads in business - highly experienced and extremely qualified – some of them certified by the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering itself !


They understand your urge to let go and imbibe the same spirit of adventure that you do. At the same time, they do ensure that NOT all caution is thrown to the wind and hence they will step in softly but surely when they determine that you might be going overboard. During the duration of the adventure activities, they remain equipped with the basic emergency medical supplies, just in case. They also have a quick access to a rescue team, should there be an emergency.


Our philosophy

DivineTreks with its motto “Get a way of life….” invites you to check out of your mundane & predictable and yet unceasingly hassled daily existence and check in to the blissful lap of nature. Let mother nature caress you lovingly, nudge you naughtily and challenge you playfully. Let that dormant spirit in you come out - the one who knew to be carefree and joyful at every moment !!!

At its core, DivineTreks believes in exploration and experimentation, shunning the known in favour of the unknown and avoiding the trodden path to take to the uncharted one. That’s the reason why – sometimes, when time is not a constraint – we allow you to be our trek lead .

What's Current

A unique combination of Geological treasure within Aravali and Himalayan Ranges and expertise of DivineTreks, students can explore the hidden secrets of along with fun and adventure of safe hiking near Gurugram.