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Panch Badri: Sacred Shrines of Lord Vishnu

Apart from Ganga & Yamuna, spirituality and meditation are irrevocably linked with Devbhoomi since time immemorial. The place is also gifted with home to one of the 108 temples of Lord Vishnu, where his four-handed feature with look of different names gives special status to Uttarakhand.  

All sages and hermits share the common denominator---they know without gravitating towards pilgrim places, the life is worthless. All the material comforts of life are ephemeral and everlasting peace & happiness lies only at the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu. Surrender yourself at His will and go for transcending experience.      

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Panch Kedar: Abode of Lord Shiva

Are you looking for a spiritual retreat in awesome Himalayan ranges with least distraction/disturbance of mundane world?  Would you like to spend some days in strong divine surroundings that still retain its pristine flavor? Go ahead and chase your dream by participating in one of the most difficult pilgrimage tour.


Many places in Uttarakhand are untouched, unseen & untamed. The places are rich in flora and fauna with deodar, pine, oak & rhododendron trees. The hill state is a treasure house of natural splendor. The journey to any place is as enchanting as the destination itself. It is a matchless destination for nature-lovers too.

Every rock and stone speaks the glory of Lord Shiva in symbolic forms. Five mountain shrines in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand are collectively known as Panch Kedar (Kedarnath, Tungnath, Rudranath, Madmaheshwar & Kalpeshwar). These are the best places to revive the inner self and discover your true identity. 

Lord Shiva is known as Adi Guru in yogic literature. Himalaya is favourite & permanent abode of Bhole Nath. Panch Kedars is frequently visited by spiritual-seekers. It is the treasure-house of many herbs & medicinal plants. Ardent devotee of Shiva can cover mountain shrines with ease  


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